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Looking for that Perfect Gift? Well – This Ain’t It

John and Denny cropped

Well – here’s a little beauty from the John & Denny Archives, featuring our former Morning Show assistant Mary Giovannazzo as the Answer Lady at the Toy Suggestion Box…

When looking for that special gift for that little lad on your list – here’s one that really stinks.  Some action figures have had a little too much action….

“Stuck with Aunt Mildred” – A 50’s Bratty Kid Song

garage sale girly - MiamiSo, I was writing music for Sandy’s story, “Highway to Christmas.”  because at one time there were plans to produce it as a feature film.  And since it was set in 1957, I wrote several songs to reflect the era – like the ever popular “bratty kid song…” so here you go – just in time for Christmas, 1957.

Picture courtesy of:   garage sale girly

Christmas Music is Instrumental …and then there’s this

John and Denny0001Yes… let’s get the holiday festivities going in style…. or not.  We went to the back corner of the archive closet for this little gem.  From the early days of the Morning Show – John Owens and myself, featuring our “Deep Voiced Announcer,” Kevin Van Buren, now with WMIT – Billy Graham’s radio station.  (Please, BGEA,  don’t hold this against him – we were all young and foolish at the time.  Hey – didn’t we all to things when we were young that we regretted later… didn’t we?)  Uh, anyway… “Enjoy.”

Get “Blue Christmas” by Seymour Swine! Now!

It’s that time of year again – time to pull out those holiday classics!  AND…

Time for Blue Christmas – by Seymour Swine – this exclusive video tells the real story – and brings you the song that’s been delighting audiences for 30 years!

What? – you still don’t own a copy of this holiday “icon?”  Well – just click on Amazon or iTunes below and we can change all that!  For just 99 cents (or what you’d pay for about 3 oz. of latte at some fancy-schmancy coffee shop…) you can own “Blue Christmas” and impress your friends!!

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