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Some Very Cold Hump Day Thawts

Mic_Denny-logo3_1920x1080-blackbgBaby it’s cold outside!!

Except for one place we know of… (which ain’t Tennessee!)

Perhaps a little humor can thaw you  out a little… and


even a little Garth? (sorta)

Enjoy!  (indoors only!)  ….Lyrics below…

Well I went outside, and bout froze my hide –                                                                                                 And quickly I slammed the door shut.                                                                                                             Then I really tried, to pick up my stride                                                                                                              And promptly I flopped on my butt                                                                                                                            I hadn’t gone far, ’til I reached my car                                                                                                                   By now I weren’t feelin’ too smart                                                                                                                              I broke the ice free and then turned the key                                                                                                    The flippin’ thing just wouldn’t start!                                                                                                                    So I got stuck in cold places – I got frostbitten toes and a chapped face                                           From a stiff ole breeze, exposed flesh will freeze.                                                                                        (but) we don’t have plows on big salt trucks – So if we wanna drive we’re slap outta luck!     Jist sitting here – in cold places.

Hump Day – 1950’s Style

1950s-dateSay, kids – dating in the 50s was swell!  Because we had those neato grown-ups to warn us about bad stuff – on accounta, bad stuff was bad for ya –

So, here’s a little nostalgia that never really happened, but coulda,  and that woulda been swell.  With advice on kissing, and featuring that crazy new doo-wop group, The Greasetones – gittin’ you over the hump, 50s style… it’s the coolest!

Looking for that Perfect Gift? Well – This Ain’t It

John and Denny cropped

Well – here’s a little beauty from the John & Denny Archives, featuring our former Morning Show assistant Mary Giovannazzo as the Answer Lady at the Toy Suggestion Box…

When looking for that special gift for that little lad on your list – here’s one that really stinks.  Some action figures have had a little too much action….