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You can download “Allergies”

Don’t Forget!!!

“Allergies” isTulips in Spring-cropped available on iTunes!

If you’re so inclined, I would dearly love for you to download it – for just 99 cents – heck – that’s about the same cost as a coffee cup (not a cup of coffee – just the empty cup…)

And yet – your download could help feed our imaginary children… and I imagine they eat quite a bit!

Just search the iTunes music store for  Allergies – Denny Brownlee – then look for the DEADLY, hideous picture you see above – Or just copy and paste this link: 

– and you’re there!!!

Enjoy!  And THANK YOU very much!  

With Joy,



How Come – on Thunk TV

Debuting on April 1 – very appropriately –  Enjoy this “mockucational” masterpiece –

Created by my dear friends Kevin and Becky Tucker,  the first topic they explode… I mean, explore … is Luck!

I’m very privileged to be a part of this …uh…. deep, deep exploration – as a vintage 1950’s voice over guy (in part 4), and a certain shamrock dealer (in part 3…but you didn’t hear that from me!)

Check out all the fun at:

<em>How Come</em>: Greatest Edumacational TV Series Ever

I Got to Play a Bean

Some jobs are just too much fun to be called jobs!

Recently I had the joy of lending my voice(s) to play a part (or two) in “Bean Wrestle Mania” – a very funny animated story by UK-based producer, Jon Taylor, of Taylormation.   Taylormation is an award winning, UK based producer of Bible based animation and puppetry.  Your kids will love it.

Jon bills “Bean Wrestle Mania” as, “The David and Goliath story like you’ve never seen it before.”  And as a Brit might respond, “Yes, quite so!”

I play the dual role of the over-the-top wrestling Emcee, and the Texas-inspired “Baked Bean.”

One of the coolest parts was how we recorded it.  Along with my goofball actor friend Torry Martin, who plays Jelly Bean, we recorded our parts in my home studio, while Skyping with Jon over in Merry Old England!  Yes, Jon directed us from “across the pond” in real time.  (Boy – good thing he knew how to speak English!)  We then sent the sound files to him where he mixed it all together into this hilarious Multi-Bean Salad!  It truly is a small world.

Along with Torry, this animation also features my friend and fellow voice actor Gary Moore, as well as a number of British actors, like comedian Tim Vine from BBC’s “Not Going Out.”  What a rare treat to act with such a talented bunch – from two different countries!

So here’s the pay-off – Check out Taylormation’s youtube video at:

And visit the Taylormation website at:

There – you’ve Bean told!