Clean Comedy?

Could it be folks just want a good clean laugh again? From time to time, I consider doing stand-up comedy.  Because I’m a glutton for self-inflicted torture, and Stand-up comedy is way cheaper than one of those “Home Root Canal Kits.”  I’ll never make that mistake again…

Bill CosbyBut not long ago, I watched the legendary Bill Cosby on Comedy Central.  Yes Comedy Central – the network that brings you classic punch lines like:  “!#@*!”   …and “!*%?#!”   …and the ever popular “! %&@!?” So – did Bill Cosby pull out all his naughty jokes, too?  Nah… he doesn’t have any…doesn’t need any… never has.  For an hour and a half – he just did Bill Cosby – the same guy you’ve always known him to be.  The jokes were new – but the delivery – and the civility – were still there.  And most important – so were the laughs.

I remember back in the ‘80’s there was a comedy club in Charlotte – owned by a guy named Lionel, who was a good friend of Mr. Cosby, and had a similar style of comedy.  And he also had a policy:  When comics were being paid to perform there, they had to keep it clean – for every naughty word they used getting the laugh – a dollar came out of their paycheck.   Back then it wasn’t uncommon to get $50 for your set.  So it didn’t take long for a potty-mouth to essentially end up performing for free – and it took even less time to get the message to clean up their acts.

The result – a comedy club you could take your mother to – and I did –Paul Aldrich on stage because Mom needs a good laugh too.

DurJonnie W Compresseding the Christmas season, I was privileged to do Seymour Swine – my stuttering-pig “Blue Christmas” bit – on a comedy show featuring three stand-up guys (pun intended):Daren Streblow  Paul Aldrich, Jonnie W. and Daren Streblow.  They were all hilarious.  And there were children in the front row!

But no worries – these were clean comedians.  Three funny guys bringing down the house – which happened to be a house of worship. Yep.  Comedy in church …on purpose, even. …three comics (and a pig) walk into a church to do a concert –  to benefit kids in our town who don’t have enough to eat.  Not one curse word – just funny.

So I shamelessly invite you to hire these guys – and other guys and gals like them, who spread joy and laughter without making you squirm uncomfortably.  And check out Daren’s comedy show on iHeart Radio – and you’ll hear some of their stuff… stuff from other comedians, and from time to time, maybe even a few of my bits too.

We all enjoy a good laugh – why not a good clean laugh?  How about you?   Does dirtier = funnier?  Or does keeping it clean mean keeping it enjoyable?

Oh – one more thing.  Bill Cosby did his whole routine seated in an easy chair …thus apparently inventing a whole new genre:  “Sit-Down Comedy.”  And with my decrepit knees, I think maybe I could try that!   Anyway – check out these guys- and their clean comedy!

2 thoughts on “Clean Comedy?

  1. So tired of everything in this world that tries to grab laughs with vulgarity and unpolite verbal exchanges…. even day time commercials- such a shame that the younger generations think it is ‘the norm’.

    1. Yup – very true Deb – what goes on TV these days would have been unheard of a generation ago. And just for the sake of full disclosure, I’ve certainly laughed at my share of naughty jokes in private, and I know it isn’t right. But it takes a whole lot more creativity, effort and professionalism – not to mention civility and class – to get a clean laugh than it does to throw around 4-letter words. There are a lot of clean comedians out there, guys and gals who love God and love making people laugh. And we need to support their efforts!

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