Over the Hump – for …2014!

Mic and Denny action photoLet’s get past the hump of 2014…because, well…

Some years you celebrate – Ring out the old!!

Some years you celebrate that they’re over – Ring in the new!!! Please?

Last week we arrived in Charlotte for Christmas with family – the first without Dad. We had just visited Sandy’s family ties in WV and North Wilkesboro, NC. During which I found out I’d just lost a high school classmate – with whom I had reconnected with in Nashville after many years. He had even helped us move to a new apartment, just 2 months ago.

Upon arriving in Charlotte, we discovered Mom had broken a bone in her foot. The next morn Sandy awoke with the flu. So I fired up the “ambulance” and escorted them to two different walk-in clinics. Since it was Christmas time (read: both were packed) I went to a coffee shop to wait for one of them to emerge from their respective band-aid stations.

Sipping Jamaican Me Crazy coffee, still upbeat in spite being a first responder to my impaired family, I happened upon a young(er than me) couple from Minnesota, in town for the holidays. We had a pleasant, even funny conversation. But as we swapped stories, it became apparent to them that 2014 had been a rough year.

I did my best to not be a Denny-Downer, but by the end of our convo, the young(er) couple and I toasted (roasted?) the new year – may 2015 be a good year!

Indeed, 2014 has been a …”hump.” But rather than weep in my “cup of cheer” – I’ll just focus on what 2014 taught me.   So… In 2014, I learned:

That “Coming Soon” is meaningless. Because “soon” is nebulous.  We need to set goals – with deadlines.

I have Adult A.D.D. Guess I’m way to “mature” to have ADHD. I ain’t exactly “hyperactive” these days – I’m content with just “active.” And for the first time in a few years, I’m shooting for “focused” as well.

It’s never too late to follow a dream. My Sandy is pursuing an MFA. I said, “A WHAT???” She assured me it meant Masters of Fine Arts. Ohhhh… A year from now she’ll have a Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Creative Media. She’ll even be qualified to be a professor. I’m already sewing elbow patches on all her blazers, and she’s learning how to smoke a pipe. But suffice it to say she may not be the youngest student in the program.

to plug into a town, it helps to move into a town. We moved 15 miles from Mt. Juliet to Nashville, TN. It has saved hundreds of miles and several hours of commute already. But more importantly, we have much easier access to all that Music City has to offer. And thus…

When you live in an upstairs apartment, fewer buggy-wuggies visit – guess those stairs are hard for them to climb too.

…Mt. Juliet gets up earlier than Nashville. You can still find bagels at Panera’s after 9am.  Might have something to do with the commute…

that we need to plug in – and people don’t just knock on your door. We’ve always had it easy, apparently. People – and livelihoods have always sought us out. But now, we have to shout above the din of others all wanting piece of the action.

…that when trying to connect – when someone gets your business card – and says that, since they don’t have a card, they’ll email you… don’t take that chance – get their number and arrange to have coffee with them.

As a writer, I learned that in a film script, character is everything: characters will drive the plot, because characters are what we care about. In radio – people like to say that “content is king.” But online – it seems more like “FREE content is king”  …which is great…unless you make your living creating content…. Bu the way – no charge for that little tidbit.

…and even good script writers can get in the bad habit of characters saying each other’s name at the end of every line, Joan. That’s not how real conversations sound, Suzie.  Right, Denny?

…How to grieve the loss of a loved one. In 2014, I lost my Dad, and I lost another aunt..

scan0001But Mom lost her sister and her husband. And I can’t tell you how proud I am of Mom. She could have thrown in the towel. She has Parkinson’s Disease, she’s got issues of her own. But she’s a survivor – always has been – and she’s going to lunch with other ladies. She’s still going to church – and is getting back in the choir. Church members are making sure she gets to practice – since she can no longer drive at night. And she wants to get back to playing the piano. There’s something special about music. But then, I’ve always known that.

How ‘bout you – what did you learn in 2014? I could use the help – maybe you could too.   Let’s help each other get over the hump. I’d love to hear from you – so we can learn from 2014 – good bad or indifferent –let’s get over the hump – let’s make 2014 – a learning experience! Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Over the Hump – for …2014!

  1. Denny,
    I learned…

    1. To put complete trust and faith in God – I couldn’t do anything to help Tim when he had his accident. Only God could and the doctors HE used to do that.
    2. To live each day to the fullest because the next one isn’t a given – My whole year changed on December 19, 2013. Plans for the year changed. My schedule had to include doctors appts, surgeries, physical therapy, etc.
    3. Caregivers need as much prayer and support as the patients – it isn’t easy being the caregiver. A lot of responsibility is placed on their shoulders. I probably could be a licensed nurse’s assistant with all I had to do to care for Tim. Called “on the job” training.

    1. You had an incredibly challenging 2014 Janice – and that may qualify as the “understatement of the year.” But what you learned will guide you the rest of your life. I’m so glad Tim pulled through, though I’m sure he still has many challenges, and may always have “reminders.” I think living life to the fullest goes hand in hand with putting complete trust in God – I don’t think we can carry out #2 without #1 being in place. And your point about caregivers is something we all need to be reminded of – Many blessings Janice – may 2015 be easier for the White family!

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