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Time for the first of many:   Mic and Denny’s Snippit in a Minute!  Fun – in 60 seconds or less!    For Tuesday May 27                                                                                                                                                                         

You can download “Allergies”

Don’t Forget!!!

“Allergies” isTulips in Spring-cropped available on iTunes!

If you’re so inclined, I would dearly love for you to download it – for just 99 cents – heck – that’s about the same cost as a coffee cup (not a cup of coffee – just the empty cup…)

And yet – your download could help feed our imaginary children… and I imagine they eat quite a bit!

Just search the iTunes music store for  Allergies – Denny Brownlee – then look for the DEADLY, hideous picture you see above – Or just copy and paste this link: 

– and you’re there!!!

Enjoy!  And THANK YOU very much!  

With Joy,



A Matter of Perspective

Several years ago I gave myself a minor challenge.  We lived in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  Very scenic indeed.  Big hills – deep valleys… hmmm… quite  metaphorical, don’tcha think?

It was my birthday, but very mild for the end of January, almost no snow (shocking!)  Across the road from us was one of those big hills.  The crest of which was 600 feet higher than our yard (BIGGGG hill)Steep hill

For my “workout” that day, I decided to climb to the top.  (“The bear went over the mountain – to see what he could see…” “What do you think he saw…?”)  Well, he had to get there first…

When I said “climb” – I had no idea how literal that word would be.  It was way steeper than I realized.  My climb became very strategic.  Find a flat spot, gather my bearings, and plan how I would get the next few feet.  I would grasp a tree trunk to pull myself up, then anchor my feet against its base, or rest my back against the up-side of it to keep from losing ground – or even tumbling back down.

Then rinse and repeat.

Along the way, I saw a few deer trails – flat, narrow little highways that stretched like horizontal ribbons of chocolate syrup across a mini-mountain of ice cream.

Rocky road ice cream, of course.

And I could tell they were deer highways – they had… rest areas, if you know what I’m saying.

Onward and upward… ever slower.  Some of the toughest terrain was near the top – steeper, fewer trees to cling to.  More metaphor…

But I made it.  Took almost half an hour.  But when I got there…

(“What do you think he saw-aww, what do you think he saw…?”)

Looking to the north I could see Keuka Lake – one of the Finger Lakes.  Keuka LakeThe southern tip of it was about six miles from my house, but from that perspective, I could see several miles of its length – and the beautiful valley that led to it.

I just stood and surveyed, feeling a bit “Lewis and Clark.”  Wow.  By climbing 600 feet, I had gained several miles of perspective.  Talk about metaphorical!

Climbing much harder than I’d planned, encountering obstacles I didn’t expect, thus problem solving along the way, I had reached my goal – and gained a whole new perspective.

Sheesh – I’m starting to sound like Zig Ziglar or something… but these are words I need to hear myself say…

Real reflections …of a scenic scenario …full of meaningful metaphor.

Habakkuk 2:1 says, “What’s God going to say to my questions?… I’ll climb to the lookout tower and scan the horizon. I’ll wait to see what God says, how he’ll answer…”

I’m coming to believe that, if faith is “being assured of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen,” then perhaps we need to climb up a little higher – and scan a bigger horizon – expecting to see His plan – to see what we’re hoping for…

And please – it’s NOT that the higher and harder we climb, the more we earn His favor.  No no no!!!  Please don’t think that’s what I’m saying!!!  Let the legalists settle for earning their “hill-climbing” merit badges.

Climbing up a little higher just makes it easier it is to scan the horizon…

…and perhaps, easier to find His answers?  “I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?”

Let me know what you think.

And I’ll let ya know how it goes.

But for now, I’ll grab a tree, pull myself up, and “see what I can see.”

The Great Punchline…sorta

…It’s the punchline of so many jokes…

…A lame excuse for misbehavior, goof-ups or absent-minded moments…

…It’s rarely taken seriously, unless it’s your child and he’s out of control…

…It’s considered a weakness.  I, myself have scoffed at it.  Maybe you have too.

I’ve used it often – as a punchline.  So have other comedians I know.

I’ve often said that if it had been around when I was a kid, I’m sure I would have been diagnosed with it.  But then – it seems everyone has it – so stop making excuses!

Attention Deficit Disorder.   A.D.D.

I have been floundering seetimthumb.phpmingly directionless for the past three years.  Three years ago I lost all the structure to my life.  I had thrived in a creative job that was rigidly and intimately tied to a clock – the clock dictated what would or would not be accomplished.  Those three hours (exactly) were followed by standard duties that were routine, and yet, let me get creative within that routine…the perfect scenario for someone like me.

I just didn’t know how much structure played into my success – until I lost the structure.  And I seem to wander from incomplete task to incomplete task.

Ah – it’s just my A.D.D.… (rimshot) … but seriously.

I recently made a new friend at one of the twice-monthly men’s breakfasts I attend.  And other than being an enthusiastic, energetic, man of great faith – I knew little about him.  So I visited his office last week – and I was taken aback.

His meeting table was askew with papers seemingly having no organization to them.  All around the room were dry-marker whiteboards on easels, with all kinds of notes on them in multi-colored ink.  It was a sort of “information fort.”  Added to all that – visual artifacts, each with significant meaning behind it… and I quickly realized I was in the presence of a kindred spirit.

I had to know.  “You must be a visual learner.”  I surmised.  It was more than that.  He has ADD.  And we began comparing notes on how we receive and process information.  Oh my.  Then he showed me his little pill bottle…. Low dose Ritalin.

Mind you – he’s not twelve.  He’s a war veteran, and was a high ranking executive in a major church organization for many years.  He’s not lazy, incompetent or crazy.  He’s got it under control.

I don’t.  Can you relate?

He recommended a book, which should arrive on our doorstep today.  I couldn’t wait that long.  I started googling the topic.  I found an article by the same author with tips on how to manage adult ADD.  The first page is an overview about Hope.  Because Hope is the one thing that most needs to be rebuilt.

Boy, don’t I know it.  This is the first ray of hope I’ve had in a while – that I can re-organize my life and become productive again.

I have talents and abilities – I have so much to offer – but right now they’re all playing a lively game of dodgeball in my brain.

Does all this sound familiar to you?  I can’t wait to do something about it.

A.D.D. – the great punchline… But for right now, until I get it under control… it’s not very funny.