Some Very Cold Hump Day Thawts

Mic_Denny-logo3_1920x1080-blackbgBaby it’s cold outside!!

Except for one place we know of… (which ain’t Tennessee!)

Perhaps a little humor can thaw you  out a little… and


even a little Garth? (sorta)

Enjoy!  (indoors only!)  ….Lyrics below…

Well I went outside, and bout froze my hide –                                                                                                 And quickly I slammed the door shut.                                                                                                             Then I really tried, to pick up my stride                                                                                                              And promptly I flopped on my butt                                                                                                                            I hadn’t gone far, ’til I reached my car                                                                                                                   By now I weren’t feelin’ too smart                                                                                                                              I broke the ice free and then turned the key                                                                                                    The flippin’ thing just wouldn’t start!                                                                                                                    So I got stuck in cold places – I got frostbitten toes and a chapped face                                           From a stiff ole breeze, exposed flesh will freeze.                                                                                        (but) we don’t have plows on big salt trucks – So if we wanna drive we’re slap outta luck!     Jist sitting here – in cold places.

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