Trust… and Daily Bread


My word of the day – or perhaps for the year.  I say “perhaps,” because I don’t know what this year holds.  I’ll bet you don’t either.  And believe it or not, that is apparently part of the plan.

It seems as if, for me, 2014 is “The Year of Trust,” or something like that.  It has been on my mind every day.  I’m reading Proverbs – doing the ever-popular, “A Chapter of Proverbs Every Day This Month Because There Are 31 Proverbs And There Are 31 Days In January” program.  You’ve heard of it?  No?

Anyway, on Day Three (I think… trust me – I keep messing up, missing a day or two – then having to read several chapters to catch back up…) So okay, whenever I read chapter three (perhaps on January 3rd) I read the familiar verse 3:5; “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding.”   Well, yeah Lord – that’s what I’m trying to do…

So today – the 26th of January, I read in chapter 25 (see?  I missed yesterday and had to read two chapters today) I read in verse 25:2: “God delights in concealing things.”  Say what?

God delights in holding back info?  He delights in keeping us from knowing what we need to know?  He gets his kicks from watching his kids stumbling around in the dark bumping into things?  Seriously?

Okay, check my attitude.  Remember that God loves you, Den.  I mean – He LOVES you – He has only – ONLY – your best interest in mind.  So if He delights in holding back, in concealing information, it’s because revealing that info is not good for me – even if it seems good from my angle – it’s not.  At least, it’s not in my best interest TODAY.

Hey, it’s only human nature to want to know stuff.  In fact, deep inside, if we’re honest, I think we feel entitled to know what’s what.  To know the future, to have everything figured out.  It’s our right to know!

Why do we feel that way?  Because we buy into the same lie that Adam and Eve bought into:  that we can be as God.  We oughtta get to call the shots.  But we’re not God, we don’t have all the answers – and that frustrates the daylights out of us.

I’m guessing that Adam – before chomping the forbidden avocado (it wasn’t an apple, necessarily, so go ahead, pick your own fruit- I choose avocado).  But I’ll bet before eating it, i.e., before sin entered the picture, Adam had no worries, no stress, and didn’t have any more instruction than simply to “walk with God.”  Oh yeah – and name the animals.

And I’ll bet when Jesus walked the earth – without sin, He had no worries, no stress, and His only instruction was to “do the will of His Father.”  And if you read about Jesus – he was constantly having his days interrupted by people and …stuff.  But I’ll bet he didn’t stress and “worry about tomorrow.”

In fact, He told us not to worry about tomorrow.  And when his buddies asked how they should pray he said, among a few other morsels, “Give us – this day – our daily bread.”  I’m sensing a pattern here.

A few mornings ago, I was privileged to attend a men’s breakfast in Franklin.  The speaker was the very profound veteran singer-songwriter Michael Card.  He reminded us of those words “Give us – this day – our daily bread.”  And then, let Him take care of tomorrow when it gets here.  When it becomes “this day.”

For the past three years, my life has been nothing but uncertainty.   Countless questions, “What Lord?  But, when?  How?  With whom?” and the worst question of all, “But Why Lord??”  Uncertainty… makes no sense… I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  I want to know!

But He delights in concealing things.  Why?  So He can simply say: “Walk with Me… do My will… expect detours…don’t be dismayed.  I love you, I’m never gonna leave you, it’s gonna be okay.  And don’t expect Me to tell you everything – but do expect Me to give you this day – your daily bread…. in other words… Trust Me.”

What do you think about all that?

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