Where Ya Been, Den?

photo(2)Hey genius – over here… Where ya been???

Yeah, yeah – I know. I guess 2014 has been a, uhh… pivotal year.

Pivotal is a cool word – It’s derived from the Latin, meaning “I couldn’t find a better word and didn’t feel like consulting my thesaurus.”

Anyway, due to the pivotality of this year, I’ve been slack for the past little while in bringing you the entertaining, high-quality content that 10 or 12 of you have come to expect.

…but with good reason… I hope.

As you may know, a very significant event changed my life forever: the death of my dad, Bob Brownlee, Sr., whom I dearly loved, and dearly miss.  I take after him in many ways – my love of sports, my sense of humor, we’re both Caucasian…

And as the days leading up to his departure turned to days of grief (and celebration – he’s home with God!) when he did pass, nothing else mattered quite as much.

And upon coming back to re-pivotate our “real lives” here in Tennessee, Sandy and I already had it in the works to …pivotally move:  from the outskirts of Nashville to becoming bona fide residents of Music City. We’ve now got our new domicile (this time I did check the thesaurus) pretty well settled, and are diving into our “new normal,” …just in time for the pivotational holidays!

They say two of the biggest “stressers” in life are the death of a loved one and moving.  And while I don’t feel any more stressed than usual, things sure became anything but normal.

All this to say – I plan on pivoting back into the swing of things again. And I need to provide some fun and profundity – and build an audience.  I hope you’ll check in with me as I check back into the pivotude of life.  Please consider subscribing to me, and I’ll consider making it worth your while.

And please – tell a friend (your friend.   Mine already knows.)

And thanks for your patience… with my abuse of the word “pivot.”

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